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Top Crowdfunding Websites of 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of fundraising, crowdfunding platforms have emerged as transformative tools, reshaping how individuals, startups, and nonprofits access capital. The digital age has ushered in an era where innovative ideas can find support from a global community of backers with the help of online platforms. With over $34 billion raised worldwide through crowdfunding, these platforms have become integral to the success of countless ventures, causes, and personal endeavors.

To navigate this diverse ecosystem of crowdfunding websites, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top platforms for 2024. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking investment, a nonprofit aiming to make a difference or an individual needing financial assistance, there's a crowdfunding site tailored to your specific requirements. Join us as we explore the best crowdfunding platforms in 2024, each offering unique features and benefits to help you bring your ideas to life.

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1. Best Overall: Indiegogo

Why We Chose It:

Indiegogo stands out as the best overall crowdfunding platform due to its extensive track record of success. Since its inception in 2008, Indiegogo has facilitated the funding of over 800,000 projects worldwide, making it a trusted choice for entrepreneurs and investors.

Indiegogo stands out as the best overall crowdfunding platform due to its extensive track record of success. Since its inception in 2008, Indiegogo has facilitated the funding of over 800,000 projects worldwide, making it a trusted choice for entrepreneurs and investors.

Pros & Cons: Pros:
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs and investors
  • Operates globally
  • Charges a 5% platform fee plus third-party payment processing fees


Founded by Danae Ringelmann, Eric Schell, and Slava Rubin, Indiegogo was born out of a desire to empower individuals to bring their ideas to fruition. With a presence in 235 countries and territories, Indiegogo offers a versatile platform for launching crowdfunding campaigns across diverse industries.

Users can create campaigns lasting up to 60 days. Fees include a 5% platform fee and third-party processing charges. Indiegogo's seamless integration with social media platforms enhances campaign visibility, while its user-friendly interface simplifies the fundraising process.

Indiegogo presents many investment opportunities for backers, allowing them to support projects that align with their interests and values. With its widespread success, Indiegogo rightfully earns its title as the best overall crowdfunding platform of 2024.

2. Best for Nonprofits: Mighty Cause

Why We Chose It:

Mightycause earns the title of the best platform for nonprofits due to its low-cost fundraising options and comprehensive suite of tools tailored to nonprofit organizations.

Pros & Cons: Pros:
  • Compatible with CRM systems like Salesforce
  • Free demo available
  • Social media integrations
  • Certain features restricted to paid plans


Established in 2006, Mightycause has emerged as a leading fundraising platform for nonprofits and individuals. Focusing on versatility, Mightycause supports various fundraising campaigns, including peer-to-peer initiatives and giving days.

The platform's pricing structure, with plans starting at $59 per month, offers nonprofits flexibility in choosing features that align with their needs. With an average processing fee of 1.2% per transaction, Mightycause provides a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking to maximize their fundraising efforts.

Mightycause's emphasis on user engagement and social media integration enables nonprofits to amplify their reach and mobilize supporters effectively. Whether you're hosting a year-round fundraising campaign or a special event, Mightycause equips nonprofits with the tools needed to achieve their fundraising goals.

3. Best for Investing: StartEngine

Why We Chose It:

StartEngine stands out as the premier platform for investors, offering everyday individuals the opportunity to invest directly in startups and companies while receiving equity in return.

Pros & Cons: Pros:
  • $500 million raised to date
  • Strategic advisory by Kevin O'Leary from "Shark Tank"
  • Relatively new company


Founded in 2014 by Ron Miller, Howard Marks, and Paul Kessler, StartEngine democratizes investment by enabling individuals to support early-stage startups. With strategic advisory support from Kevin O'Leary of "Shark Tank" fame, StartEngine provides a trustworthy platform for investors seeking opportunities for growth.

StartEngine's user-friendly interface simplifies the investment process, allowing individuals to explore various companies and startups before making informed investment decisions. StartEngine empowers investors to engage with innovative ventures across diverse industries by providing detailed company profiles and valuation metrics.

For startups, StartEngine offers access to a vast network of over 1,000,000 users, facilitating fundraising campaigns and fostering connections within the entrepreneurial community. With $500 million raised through its platform, StartEngine will continue redefining the investment landscape in 2024.

4. Best for Individuals: GoFundMe

Why We Chose It:

GoFundMe earns recognition as the best platform for individuals due to its unparalleled success in helping individuals raise funds for personal causes and emergencies.

Pros & Cons:

  • 0% platform fee
  • Flexibility to raise funds for personal, charitable, or business purposes
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Credit and debit card transaction fees
  • Adjustable TipGoFundMe Services function


Since its inception in 2010, GoFundMe has revolutionized personal fundraising, enabling individuals to mobilize support for various causes and endeavors. With over $17 billion raised from over 200 million donors, GoFundMe's platform offers a seamless and transparent fundraising experience.

Creating a campaign on GoFundMe is simple. Users can share their stories and solicit support from friends, family, and the wider community. Unlike other platforms, GoFundMe charges a 0% platform fee, ensuring that funds raised go directly to the intended cause or beneficiary.

GoFundMe's commitment to customer support, with 24/7 expert assistance available, further enhances its appeal to individuals seeking assistance during challenging times. Whether covering medical expenses, supporting local businesses, or pursuing personal dreams, GoFundMe empowers individuals to harness the collective power of crowdfunding.

5. Best for Creative Professionals: Patreon

Why We Chose It:

Patreon is celebrated as the top crowdfunding platform for creative professionals, offering subscription-based support and a range of tools to help artists, musicians, and content creators thrive.

Pros & Cons: Pros:
  • Monthly subscription options
  • Software integrations with Vimeo, MailChimp, and more
  • Tiered fee structure ranging from 5% to 12%
  • Processing fees per payment


Launched in 2013 by musicians Jack Conte and Sam Yam, Patreon has emerged as a lifeline for over 250,000 creators, generating a staggering $3.5 billion in funds. Creators can choose from three membership tiers—Lite, Pro, and Premium—each offering varying features and fee percentages. From fledgling artists to established brands, Patreon caters to diverse creatives seeking sustainable income streams and meaningful connections with their supporters.

6. Best for Businesses and Investors: UFUND

Why We Chose It:

UFUND distinguishes itself by leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure ecosystem for investment and growth. By tapping into the crypto segment, UFUND aims to democratize investment access for startups, entrepreneurs, and investors worldwide.


With its unique blend of financial technology, venture capital, and blockchain, UFUND pioneers a new era of business financing. The platform's native token, UFD, facilitates transactions within the ecosystem while adhering to regulatory standards. UFUND's vision for the future of finance promises unparalleled opportunities for startups and investors to thrive in a decentralized economy.

  • Combining traditional crowdfunding with cryptocurrency and asset tokenization creates a unique platform bridging the physical and digital worlds.
  • UFUND represents a new frontier in money and alternative investments, surpassing digital currency functionalities and traditional crowdfunding.
  • UFUND addresses traditional economic system shortcomings, aiming for high adoption and liquidity.
  • UFUND facilitates person-to-person trading, eliminating middlemen and reducing fees.
  • Businesses can seek funding for various needs, offering products and assets with flexible payment options.
  • Investors enjoy capital protection through dedicated escrow accounts and secure wallets with transparent and traceable transactions.

7. Best for High-growth Startups: CircleUp

Why We Chose It:

CircleUp specializes in equity crowdfunding, making it an ideal choice for high-growth startups and consumer product brands. With a track record of success spanning over a decade, CircleUp has helped more than 250 companies raise a cumulative $390 billion in funding.


Since its inception in 2010, CircleUp has provided a platform for early-stage startups to connect with accredited investors and fuel their growth trajectories. While the application process is rigorous, accepted campaigns benefit from a supportive environment and a high success rate. CircleUp's focus on consumer product startups positions it as a top contender for entrepreneurs seeking strategic investment opportunities.

8. Best for Tech Startups: Wefunder

Why We Chose It:

Wefunder shines as the premier crowdfunding platform for tech startups and high-growth ventures. Offering equity and debt crowdfunding options, Wefunder empowers startups to secure funding while granting investors equity stakes in promising ventures.


As an equity crowdfunding platform, Wefunder boasts a commendable success rate of approximately 75%, making it an attractive choice for ambitious tech entrepreneurs. Despite heightened legal requirements, Wefunder provides access to resources and support to navigate the crowdfunding journey effectively. With a focus on equity-based startups and a commitment to fostering innovation, Wefunder continues to drive the growth of the tech ecosystem.

9. Best for Women-led Startups: IFundWomen

Why We Chose It:

IFundWomen is a dedicated crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs, offering tailored support and resources to amplify their success. IFundWomen empowers women-led startups to thrive in a male-dominated industry through a keep-what-you-raise model and extensive coaching opportunities.


While relatively newer than its counterparts, IFundWomen prioritizes inclusivity and empowerment, providing a platform for women to access funding and mentorship. Despite challenges such as lower fundraising amounts, IFundWomen remains a beacon of support for women-led businesses, fostering a community of resilience and innovation.

10. Best for Europe-based Startups: Crowdcube

Why We Chose It:

Crowdcube has emerged as a leading equity crowdfunding platform in Europe. It allows investors to support early-stage and growth startups across the continent. With a diverse portfolio of startups and a user-friendly interface, Crowdcube facilitates seamless investment experiences for qualified investors.


As one of Europe's largest crowdfunding platforms, Crowdcube democratizes access to startup investment opportunities while streamlining the investment process. With features like quarterly updates and tax certificates, Crowdcube ensures transparency and accountability, instilling confidence in investors and startups.

In conclusion, crowdfunding platforms have become an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs, creatives, and nonprofits seeking to bring their ideas to life. Whether you're looking to raise capital for a business venture, creative project, or charitable cause, there's a crowdfunding website suited to your needs. By harnessing the power of collective support, individuals and organizations can turn their dreams into reality, one pledge at a time.

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