Crowdfunding for business startup

Crowdfunding for business startup

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) often struggle when it comes to financing their activities, such as purchases and sales orders. Also, traditional banks do little to support SMBs, and they do not think about financing the way UFUND does by using DeFi and its P2P crowdfunding platform. UFUND focuses on providing a safe and reliable DeFi service and P2P trade in its crowdfunding platform that unlocks SMB growth.

crowdfunding for business

Crowdfunding for Businesses Why Choose UFUND?

UFUND Offers the Following Options:

  • Signup and verify your email
  • Undergo KYC/AML check and get approved
  • Sign in and fill in the UFUND form
  • Start investing, campaigning for your business.
  • Connect with many investors and campaigners
  • fund your purchase orders and sales orders for
  • List your assets for tokenization and liquidity

One of the biggest advantages of crowdfunding with UFUND is to provide access to a larger and more diverse group of investors. UFUND is defining a new way for businesses to enhance their working capital by receiving the funding needed from a pool of investors.

Moreover, investors can participate in the launch of new start-ups and get extra rewards for such investments, and get greater return on investment.

Remember, the UFUND platform is built to keep your data safe and secure!


Q. Why choose UFUND for crowdfunding?

A. UFUND is a decentralized network where businesses and investors can benefit from crowdfunding and tokenization.

Q. How does everything work on UFUND?

A. UFUND is an innovative platform for crowdfunding, helping small and medium businesses (SMBs) to connect with investors. It requires you to enroll, so you can start investing to earn or campaigning to fundraising.

Q. How secure is UFUND?

A. We make use of innovative technologies like blockchain to host tokens . We secure all users's Fiat funds into regulated third party custody.

Q. Do you have an Android Mobile App?

A. Yes! In addition to our website, UFUND is also available for both iOS and Android users.

Q. How can I get more information about UFUND?

A. If you need more information or any help, you can contact us directly at