Tokenization Services Empower the Crypto Economy

Crypto token refers to a special virtual currency that is becoming popular over the past few years. It allows businesses and individuals to tokenize valuable assets. UFUND helps businesses and individuals to tokenize fungible, non-fungible and tradable assets.

asset tokenization

Tokenization: Choices You Can Make With It

UFUND Offers the Following Options:

  • Get access to an easy-to-use tokenizer
  • Create several tokens you want
  • Start offering tokens to investors
  • Gain substantial returns
  • Use UFD token to make investments
  • Generates equity, utility and security tokens

Take part in the global financial changes with UFUND. Get your assets tokenized and secure capital from the UFUND platform, powered by block chain technology. These tokens are represented by ledger entries that are kept safe and immutable.

UFUND token (UFD)

Ready made ERC20 UFD tokens are to be used across the UFUND platform. soon we are going to transition UFD token into a hybrid token that will help you gain more value for your utility tokens due adding the status of the security token to UFD. Transition will be in line with all regulatory requirements and legalities of US authorities.


Q. How does UFUND work?

A. UFUND is a financial disruptor that helps businesses connect with investors by offering funding opportunities and tokenized assets powered by blockchain. It requires creating a portfolio as an investor or campaigner to start raising capital using UFUND token.

Q. Do You allow exchanging NFTs?

A. Yes, we do! UFUND enables you to exchange both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Q. What is UFUND initial token (ITO) Sales?

A. With its powerful ERC20 token (UFD) issued for an initial fundraising, UFUND will reach its following goals. What use we do with the money raised: marketing our web platform and mobile app, enhance functionalities for users, develop and integrate artificial intelligence, offer more functionalities to enrich user experience, integrate multi-token standards issuance, integrate exchanges and apps continue R&D.

Q. How secure investments and returns are on UFUND?

A. We make use of innovative technologies like blockchain to host tokens. We secure all funds into regulated third party custody.

Q. Can I Download the UFUND app on iOS?

A. Yes, UFUND is available for both iOS and Android users.

Q. What are the functions of the UFD token?

A. UFD Token is initially a utility token to be used for funding transactions and services on UFUND platform and mobile apps.