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Crypto World - How has the Global Economy been Impacted?

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Crypto is everywhere, from boardroom balance sheets to digital art auctions. And, while blockchain knowledge has almost reached the mainstream, it's still unclear how much the blockchain will change and challenge our world.

Here we will explain how digital fiat can help those in traditional economies join the crypto world and secure decentralized networks with the value of real-world assets.

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UFUND is Linking the Crypto World and the Traditional Economy World

The most critical component of any financial system is trust. Whether that trust comes from government authority or the latest technological developments, users of those systems must be able to quantitatively measure that trust and understand the potential risk associated with storing wealth in the custody of financial platforms.

UFUND is a bridge that connects the crypto space with the traditional economy one. It allows users to easily and quickly convert their assets into liquid tokens and gain from their rise in value. 

How Can Cryptocurrencies Benefit the Economic World?

The exchange of cryptocurrencies does not require the use of an intermediary. Therefore, it causes an increase in transaction speed. In addition, transaction costs are lower because there are no intermediaries. Lower transaction costs imply greater exchange efficiency and an increase in transaction volume. 

A physical structure where people can come and transact is less necessary. Fixed costs are lower because no wages, rent, or utility bills are required. There are even traders who still need to have a minimum deposit requirement.

Furthermore, cryptocurrencies have no geographical limitations. As a result, there is no centralized agency to monitor transactions. This makes it easier and faster for corporations to tokenize and trade.

Similarly, at the UFUND platform we offer  UFD tokens apart from being shares that will be traded in secondary markets and P2P , they also can be used for transactions by members on the platform and access to various premium features, incentivizing trader ratings and value creation through a dynamic reward system.


UFUND achieves unprecedented levels of security by incorporating more diverse assets into the mix and the most inclusive staking ecosystem available. We believe this is a critical step toward bringing traditional finance incumbents and asset issuers into crypto.

As tangible assets become a trust denomination in the burgeoning decentralized landscape, it is clear that DeFi will expand to include new frontiers. This is especially true for DeFi holders, who frequently hold more traditional currencies and can now stake their assets to benefit from the DeFi ecosystem.

UFUND marks a new frontier in the evolution of money and alternative investments. It transcends the simple functionality of digital currency, the role of crowdfunding in traditional markets, and the unique position of this new combination of assets.

Striking a Balance

Crypto assets, including Bitcoin, pose significant risks to macro-financial stability, financial integrity, consumer protection, and the environment as the national currency. However, the benefits of their underlying technologies, such as the potential for more affordable and inclusive financial services, should be considered.

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