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Security Token Service — What Is It?

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A web service that generates security tokens is a security token service (STS). In other words, it makes claims to anyone who believes them, based on evidence that it trusts (or to specific recipients).

A service needs proof, like a signature, to demonstrate knowledge of a security token or a set of security tokens to communicate trust.

Service can produce its tokens or rely on another STS to issue a security token with its trust statement.

How Does Security Token Service Work? 

The issued token model consists of a target server, a client, and a trusted third party. Policy flows from server to client and from STS to client. 

The policy can be embedded within an issued token assertion or acquired independently. There may be a direct trust relationship between the server and the STS. The client and the STS must have a relationship of trust.

UFUND offers a token service for businesses to access funds and investors multi opportunities to get substantial returns and trade tokens, products, and commodities.

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Are There Any STO Regulations?

Because of the numerous benefits STOs provide, investors worldwide have shifted their focus away from the once-cool ICOs and toward the latter. 

As a result, the number of STO launches worldwide is increasing, and many businesses and individuals have chosen STOs.

Those considering running an STO campaign should keep the United States in mind. STO in US territory is governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which has played a vital role in this regard.

The SEC has drafted several legal acts that govern the sale of various securities. As a result, blockchain and STO startups can organize security offers under various conditions.

Every startup based in the United States or attempting to raise funds from US-based investors must consider one of the SEC's exemptions (CF, D, A+, S).

The United States is considered one of the best jurisdictions for STO campaigns. The SEC's adequate and relevant regulations contribute to the country's positive image as a place to invest. Many participants think the current legal landscape is appropriate for their platform activities.

Are Security Tokens the Same as Financial Securities?

Yes, they are similar to any other financial securities. However, this is an investment contract representing the legal ownership of a physical or digital asset verified on the blockchain.

If a company decides to tokenize itself, the token acts the same as equity.

Regarding security tokens, a company's value and valuation are directly correlated: the more valuable the business, the more valuable the token. On the other hand, there is no relationship between the value of a utility token and the current state of the company's valuation.

Are Security Tokens Reliable?

Because token services are consistent globally, investors can easily buy and trade them regardless of location. In addition, tokens are usually much more liquid than privately held shares, as the latter can often be time-consuming and costly to trade. 

STOs have a slightly different investor profile than traditional stock exchanges. They frequently attract global investors seeking a return while gaining greater liquidity. In addition, STOs help businesses raise large sums of money quickly and spread awareness of their projects worldwide.


STO has proven to be an efficient and highly secure means of generating capital, and there is no doubt that this cutting-edge technology is here to stay.

Launching an STO campaign is no easy task; many details must be handled down to minor details. As a result, it is prudent to collaborate with an experienced STO firm that will guide you through each stage of your STO launch journey, from consultation to issuing security tokens.

Here at UFUND, we have been so enthusiastic about ensuring the success of our customers' STO launches and helping them hit the mark. UFUND platform provides a high degree of customization and allows for a quick and smooth STO launch.

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