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Invest in Cryptocurrency to Grow your Business

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It is 2022, and cryptocurrency is all in. There's no denying that cryptocurrency is causing a stir. You've heard more and more about it on the news and overheard more people discussing it. But on the other side, others have been busy grabbing the changes while others read the report.

Everything has a digital version now. The financial crisis of 2008 demonstrated that traditional banking systems are flawed. And it's set to happen in the future. As a result, people are becoming increasingly well aware of the need for viable alternatives.

That's what UFUND crypto provides: a safe, decentralized form of banking that eliminates the need for governments and banks.

Even banks like Deutsche Bank are aware of it. First, they discuss how vulnerable the existing money system is in their "Imagine 2030" research, predicting that by 2030-35, over 200 million people will be utilizing digital money and that traditional money will be obsolete.

It's not just Deutsche Bank. According to Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin will someday become the world's one currency.

UFUND Crypto is a far better means to transmit value than a piece of paper," China's state television has dubbed blockchain, the technology that allows crypto to exist, "ten times more valuable than the internet." UFUND provides you with the opportunities for innovative investments.


UFUND Offers The Following Options:

  • Invest in small and midsize businesses.
  • Fund businesses to help them grow.
  • Invest in the real economy for profits.
  • Trade P2P tokens backed by assets.
  • Invest to boost vetted start-up projects.

Why go for UFUND’s cryptocurrency crowdfunding?

UFUND recognizes that most companies require funding to purchase items from suppliers or sell products or services to customers, whether you are a new or an established business. The UFUND secured platform is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and investors.

Investors can directly finance businesses using the UFUND Token and or fiat and cryptocurrencies at a predetermined interest rate and term. The UFUND platform, also known as decentralized finance (DeFi), provides businesses with solutions and alternative investment for investors.

Polygon blockchain powers the UFUND tokenizer. Tokenization is promoted as a new option in the finance industry.

It's the most significant technological breakthrough since the internet. So, if you haven't caught up yet, you're falling behind. But don’t worry, you still have time to play catch-up!

Some individuals resisted the internet in the 1990s and nowadays, there will be those who profit from the blockchain and crypto revolution.

And just as we currently rely on the internet for information and communication, financial transactions using blockchain will soon follow suit. So, if you haven't yet used blockchain, it is the perfect time to do so.

The actual potential comes from investing in projects using cryptocurrency.

Take a look at Bitcoin, for example. If you had put $100 into it just five years ago, it would today be worth $2 500. Or, if you had bought that $100 ten years ago, it would be worth $1.9 million.

Bitcoin's price is expected to continue to rise. There are a few blips here and there, but it probably won't be as dramatic as before. Like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and Lisk, other cryptocurrencies can provide excellent returns.

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However, to know which currencies to buy and when, you must first educate yourself—and get some experience. So, what's the point of wasting time? Since there are many changes, now is the time to brush up on your crypto knowledge and learn how to detect them, and UFUND is the right platform for you.

Cryptocurrency vs. Regular Money

The long-term increasing tendency of cryptocurrency has previously been discussed. Let's see how that compares to regular money. If you buried $100 in cash and waited ten years, the amount you could buy with it a decade later could be significantly less than when you planted it due to inflation.

Leaving it in a bank account isn't much better — if it's better because of bank account interest rates, which range from zero to severely low.

Yes, cryptocurrency is more volatile than most currencies because it is still relatively young in gaining acceptance. Like when the price of Bitcoin plummeted at the start of 2018. However, it's worth noting that it's more or less recovered.

Its upward trend is anticipated to continue, and it will likely outperform any fluctuation. That's why it's such a good alternative for long-term savings—it beats out any interest rate that a bank can offer.

It would sound cool to make money materialize out of thin air until you figure out what's happening. Although there is more money, the quantity of products and services it pursues remains the same. Compared to the value of those goods and services, the value of money decreases. And this is what we refer to as inflation.

That is why wise people prefer gold to money. Because new gold does not materialize anywhere during an economic downturn, it retains its worth. And, like gold, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren't intended as a quick remedy for financial issues. That is to say; cryptocurrency retains its worth. It's also inflation-proof.

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Since Bitcoin's inception in 2009, crypto has been around for more than a decade. But now is the time for it to take off — and the growth it will enjoy over the coming few decades will almost certainly be far more fascinating than what we've seen thus far. You may compare where we are now to the internet in the 1990s.

Compared to the number of people who have adopted cryptocurrencies over the last decade, the number of people who accepted the internet in the 1990s looks eerily similar.

This similarity has been noted by Deutsche Bank, which predicts that crypto adoption rates will continue to grow at the same rate as the internet did after the 1990s. Put another way; it'll keep going up — and in a spectacular fashion.

And, just as the internet has disrupted virtually everything in the last two decades, we should expect the blockchain to do the same in the following decades.

Take a look at the list of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Microsoft AT & T McDonald's, KFC, and Subway are three of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the United States. Virgin Galactic is a company that specializes in space travel. CheapAir 4Chan. Gyft. Norwegian Air is a Norwegian airline. Twitch. Teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Dolphins, and Benfica of Portugal. Wikipedia also takes Bitcoin donations.

True, other businesses are still hesitant to accept its payments because of its volatility. But, over time, this will even out, and more and more big companies will take Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as payment.

And remember how Twitter's Jack Dorsey said it was the future of money? He puts his money where his mouth is by investing $50 million in Bitcoin through his payments company, Square.

All of this demonstrates that large industries are taking cryptocurrency seriously. You should, too.

It's your time to learn about UFUND cryptocurrency as well.

With a fair and accessible platform provided by the blockchain, our objective is to improve economic freedom in the field of crowdfunding and tokenization. Join us and make a difference on a global level.

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